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Our vision to see a missional and sustainable community flourish in the El Cibao region is by far the greatest responsibility that the Lord has entrusted to us. We consider it an honor to be able to help establish this community that reflects the values of the Kingdom of God.

This humanitarian work provides “hope through innovation” as doors of opportunity are opened for the people that were at one time inconceivable. We are providing the precious people in the northern region of the Dominican Republic with the right to determine their own future as the bonds of poverty are gradually loosed from their families through the work of our ‘four pillars’ of sustainable community:

  • PHASE 1: Furniture Factory & Plastic Recycling Factory
  • PHASE 2: Aquaponics, & Sustainable Agriculture
  • PHASE 3: Vocational Technical Training School
  • PHASE 4: Community Center
  • PHASE 5: Medical Clinic & Mobile Medical Clinic
  • PHASE 6: Reception, Office, Cafeteria, Housing
  • PHASE 7: Solar, Micro Finance & Market

Clean Water

The emergency rooms of the Dominican Republic are inundated with over 3,500 people every week who need treatment due to drinking infected water.

Using innovative technology, these filters are simple, gravity fed and long lasting. Families are able to use them immediately. Harmful bacteria, (including those that cause E. Coli, Typhoid and Cholera) cysts and viruses are filtered out using Hollow Fiber Membranes. We are excited to be providing low-cost water filters!


Jesus commanded us to give drink to the thirsty. We predict that these filters will lead to a 70% reduction of diarrheal diseases and ensure that sanitary drinking water is readily available for each household.

Sustainable Food

El Cibao has been one of the Dominican Republic’s key agricultural regions for decades, and although it is one of the most fertile areas of the country, it has suffered severe land degradation due to misuse. We will install an aquaponics system that will provide a sustainable food source all-year round. Aquaponics is an innovative agricultural structure that uses a recirculating water system between fish and produce.


The nitrogen excreted by the fish nourishes the plants that absorb all the nitrogen out of the water before it recirculates through the fish tank. Unlike traditional agricultural methods, our aquaponic system requires minimum water to operate and as a closed system, there is no threat to the crops from pests or weeds.

Dignified Healthcare

As of the 2011 World Bank survey, the Dominican Republic only has 1.5 physicians per 1,000 people. Poorly maintained infrastructure and an often-corrupt political system have weakened the country’s capacity to provide efficient & immediate care. These statistics only worsen when you investigate the discrepancies in healthcare between the more privileged cities and the neglected rural regions.


We aim to build a clinic where the people of the region will be able to receive dignified healthcare in one of the spacious examination rooms that will be made available to them. Being able to provide these people the option of being treated locally will negate the need for them to make long journeys to the city to seek treatment whilst ill.

Vocational Training

The rapidly growing economy of the Dominican Republic in the recent decades has caused a radical shift away from traditional commodity exports such as; sugar, coffee & tobacco, and towards a service economy of tourism and telecommunications. The speed at which this change has taken place has had the consequence of creating a lack of qualified applicants and wider unemployment. We aim to build a vocational training facility where we can bring in skilled laborers to teach the people needed skills so that they can quickly find skilled jobs in the demand of the market.


Not only will such an opportunity allow them to provide for their families, it will restore their dignity too. With sought after skills, these people will have the freedom to choose what future they want for their life.

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