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Comunidad de Esperanza

Our vision to see a missional and sustainable community flourish in the El Ciabo region is by far the greatest responsibility that the Lord has entrusted to us. We consider it an honor to be able to help establish this community that reflects the values of the Kingdom of God.

This project provides “hope through innovation” as doors of opportunity are opened for them that were at one time inconceivable. We are providing the precious people of the northern region with the right to determine their own future as the bonds of poverty are gradually loosed from their families through the work of our ‘four pillars’ of sustainable community.


Want To Get Innovative?

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a good challenge, then consider getting together with some friends to ‘build a pillar’. This means setting yourselves the financial goal of being able to provide towards one of the four key elements to the Esperanza Project: Clean Water, Sustainable Food, Dignified Healthcare or Vocational Training.

Here are some innovative ideas to help you with the challenge:

- Sponsored run

- Community garage sale

- Community bake sale day

- School presentations

- Sponsored hike

- Dominican party: make some Dominican treats and invite friends & neighbors to enjoy some good food and find out about the project


Clean Water Project

There are approximately 10 million people who live in the Dominican Republic. Demographically, the population is split between 60% living in urban areas, with the remaining 40% in the rural countryside. Unfortunately, for our rural brothers and sisters, the poverty rate in these areas is almost three times as severe compared to urban living. It is predominately within these rural communities that clean water and sanitation are simply inaccessible. As greater demand is placed on water to supply the cities, the adverse effect is that the water scarcity in rural regions increases.

Unfortunately, most of the readily available water supplies are contaminated and unsafe to drink. Cholera has risen to one of the most prevalent diseases within these communities.

In order to meet the extensive need for clean water, Mission 2535 is committed to providing desperate families water filtration systems for use in their homes. We use the Sawyer Water filtration system (as seen below) to provide these families with immediate access to clean and healthy water. What’s more, this is a filtration system that a family can operate themselves, meaning they will have the dignity of producing their own safe water for many years to come.

Would you consider a donation towards being able to supply these precious families with the dignity of clean water? We thank you for your generosity and congratulate you as you ‘live beyond yourself and make a difference!’

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