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There is no greater privilege than using our God-given resources for the sake of His Kingdom. We have committed our lives for the sake of the Gospel, have you prayerfully considered committing to join us in that aim?


As you partner with our ministry, we believe that, “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” – 2 Corinthians 9:11


If God impresses on your heart to partner with us as a Church family, then please take a look at these Partnership Documents.



How Your Finances Will Make an Impact


As a family and organization, our driving focus has always been how we can affect generational change within our community. We are pioneering sustainable missions work in the Dominican Republic! Your financial seed will continue to produce a harvest for generations to come as you help to provide:


- Clean Water

- Sustainable Food

- Dignified Healthcare

- Vocational Training

What our partner churches are saying about us in the United States

I arrived in dusty Ensenada for a visit with a missionary family I had no idea who they were.  As I approached their home I had mixed emotions.  I had taken hundreds of teenagers into Tijuana to do missions work over the past 6 years.  We knew how to build homes, we had a system and we were making a huge impact. As I sat down with Rick and Tammie and listened to their story and their heart for the people in Ensenada I knew it was time to make a change.    In 2008 we sent our first team to Ensenada and we haven’t looked back since.  Rick and Tammie have moved their ministry to the Dominican Republic and we are so invested with them and what they are doing we moved with them.  

Aside from the buildings, the cafe, the churches, the houses, the projects and all the things that they do in the Dominican Republic.  The one thing that has impressed me about the Romano’s is their love for the people they are ministering to.  Listening, investing, being with, challenging them, encouraging them, the impact they are making is eternal.  Buildings will crumble, projects will disappear, churches will change, pastors will change, but the relationships that Rick and Tammie have with the people will last for ever.  They are passionate about the people, passionate about sharing a Living Hope with them, the Hope of Jesus. 

We have walked alongside Romano’s for the past 8 years and there have been ups and downs but we continue to believe in what God is doing through them in the Dominican Republic.  Just talk to them and listen to their story, you won’t be disappointed.

Nathan Karcesky | Pastor of Global Outreach and Care
Princeton Alliance Church

I see our partnership more like tennis than bowling. A true partnership enhances the aims of both parties, not just one - It's playing together, not bowling alone. Mission 2535 does that for us.  Mission Twentyfive35 helps us do ministry better at home as we partner with them to join what God is doing in the Dominican Republic.  They have a heart for the whole person - body, soul and spirit, as well as the local church.  We do, too!  Our involvement with them helps them do what they do, better - caring for physical and spiritual needs.  Their parntership helps us fulfill our vision to change the world both locally and globally.

Lee Nanfelt | Lead Pastor
Valleyview Alliance Church

Our partnership with the Romano family has been a critically important step in a growing passion for missions within our own church family. Rick and Tammie have a tremendous heart for the Lord and for the people of the Dominican Republic which is incredibly infectious and has fanned into flame the faith of our congregation here in Hinesburg, VT.

We have learned so much from the Romano family through our partnership in the Dominican Republic over the past several years.  To personally witness Rick and Tammie faithfully nurturing their own little Jesus Community right there in the D.R. and watching the Holy Spirit so easily produce a hundred fold fruit from their labor is remarkable and nothing short of miraculous.  We have been changed by the work God is doing in and through our partnership in the D.R. with the Romano’s.  I’ve never seen anything like it and wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!

Scott Mansfield | Lead Pastor
Community Alliance Church

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