Hope Through Innovation

Building sustainable communities in the Dominican Republic

One idea can change the world

Here at Mission 2535, we take a missional approach to community and a technological approach to transformation. When we first moved to the Dominican Republic, we knew we wanted to innovate ways in which we could have both a spiritual and social impact on the lives of our community.

For the past several years, we have been pioneering a new and sustainable approach to overseas missions within the DR. Through identifying what we have called the ‘four pillars’ of sustainable community; we are implementing genuine solutions that will bring long-lasting change. In working towards sustainable overseas missions, we envision that the impact of our work will continue for many generations to come as the local community continues God’s work.

Through providing clean water, sustainable food, dignified healthcare and vocational training, we aim to break the cycle of poverty that enchains many families of the ‘El Cibao’ region.

Our flagship project, ‘Comunidad de Esperanza’ (Community of Hope) will create a joyful, community hub for the El Ciabo region where people will be able to gather around the hope of the Gospel and the opportunities that our ‘four pillars’ will provide. This is our opportunity to beautify a historically impoverished land and demonstrate how the impact of the Gospel reaches to every sphere of society.

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